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Vol. 5 Tank Days Laugaricio 2017

Dear friends,
here are TDL 2018 pictures and videos from our visitors and friends.

tank days laugaricio 2017 SCHEDULE


28. 6. 2017 – 29. 6. 2017 (Wed-Thu) - participants

Nonstop - Participants registration

Building of the period camps


30. 6. 2017 (Fri)

Participants registration

Presentation of the period camps

Free rides

13:00 Memorial ride to Lt. Adamovic – 52 km                              

17:00 main show training


1.7.2017  (Sat) – Main day for visitors

07:30 Time to open camps

10:00 - 10:10 Opening of Tank Days Laugaricio 2017 with salut shot

10:10 - 10-20 Intercessions

10:20 - 11:45 March-past of all participated vehicles

11:45 - 12:10 Military police show

12:10 - 12:30 Line-up of vehicles for main exhibition

12:30 - 13:30 Main fighting exhibition Liberation of western part of Slovakia  (Trnava, Trstín)

13:30 refreshments break

13:45 - 14:00 Air-show for children

14:00 - 14:15 Air-display of training jet Aero L-29 Dolphin

14:15 - 15:00 Slovak Armed Forces exhibition

15:00 - 15:30 excercise of the Czechoslovak People's Army

15:30 - 16:00 dynamic show of tanks, vehicles display, shooting

16:00 - Free rides, also for visitors

Organizers reserve the right to change the program.
We will inform you of any changes.
Thank you for understanding

VEHICLES tank days laugaricio 2017

Wheeled ligth Wheeled heavy Tracked Motorcycles
Mercedes G (OSSR) Aligator (OSSR) T-72M1 (OSSR) BSA WM20
BOŽENA (OSSR) 155mm Zuzana (OSSR) T-72M2 Moderna (VTSU) BMW R12
Jeep Willys MB KBVP PANDUR II (AČR) T-72/T100 BMW R71 - sidecar
Jeep Willys MB RM 70/85 Modular (OSSR) 155mm ShKH A 40 HIMALAYA BMW R71 - sidecar
Jeep Willys MB IVECO 4x4 LMV (OSSR) T-55 AM2 Kladivo BMW R71 - sidecar
Jeep Willys MB IVECO 4x4 LMV (AČR) MT-55A - (OSSR) Cushman
Jeep Willys MB Aktis 4x4 (OSSR) JVBT55 Dnepr M72
Jeep Willys MB Talon IV AKTIS (OSSR) T-34/85 Dnepr MT16
Jeep Willys MB VŠRV (OSSR) T-34/85 Ural M72
Jeep Willys MB M1126 Stryker (USA) T-34/85 Harley Davidson WLA
Jeep Willys MB M1126 Stryker (USA) T-34/85 Zundapp
Jeep Willys MB M1126 Stryker (USA) SU-76 Dnepr K 750
Jeep Willys MB T815  Flatrack Sexton SPG 105mm Kawasaki KLR600
Jeep Willys MB GMC CCKW353 Panzer V Panther  
Ford GPW GMC CCKW353 Hetzer Planes and heli
Ford GPW GMC DUKW353 STUG III Aero L-29 Delfin
Ford Canada Ward LaFrance M1A1S5 Panzer II Jak 52
Dodge WC51 Pacific M26 Marder 2 Antonov AN2
Dodge WC52 GMC CCKW353 SdKfz 247A Zlin 326M
Dodge WC52 GMC CCKW353 SdKfz 251/ZIS Zlin 226T
Dodge WC52 M8 greyhound SdKfz 250 Zlin 226MS
Dodge WC52 Chevrolet G506 SdKfz 251 ausf C Robinson R44 Raven
Dodge WC54 Mercedes Benz L1500s BVP-2 (OSSR) Polikarpov
Dodge WC56 Praga PV3S BVP Šakal (VTSU) Zlin Z37
Dodge WC57 Praga PV3S BPsV Svatava Zlin Z37
Dodge WC63 Praga V3S-svetlomet BVP-1  
Dodge M43 Praga V3S BVP-1  
Clarktor Praga V3S Saurer 4K4FA FuPa  
SdKfz 223 (Fu) Praga V3S Saurer 4K4FA San  
GAZ 67 B Capajev PV3S Saurer 4K4FA G2  
VW KDF 82 BRDM Saurer 4K4FA  
VW KDF 82 BRDM 2 Chem Saurer 4K4FA  
VW KDF 82 BRDM 2 Saurer 4K4FA  
VW KDF 82 BRDM 2 OT-62 Topas  
Škoda 104/2 ZIL 131 ATS  
Fiat Mussone ZIL157 IHC halftrack M5A1  
Volvo L3314N OT64 SKOT GAZ 77  
Volvo L3314N BTR 60 MTLB SNAR 10  
Volvo C303 Steyr 19S27 OT-810  
Pinzgauer MAN KAT I A1 FV434  
Land Rover IIA 109 REO Volvo 202  
Faun Kraka Praga RN Universal Carrier no. 2 mk.III  
BA 64B Praga RND    
Opel Kadet Praga RND    
HMMWVE Praga V3S    
Ford Mutt KRAZ 255    
Humber 4WD Tatra 813    
ARO M461 Tatra 813    
ARO M461 Tatra 813    
ARO M461 Tatra 813    
OM151 Leonchino Tatra 815-UPZ    
Ford GPW Tatra OA vz.30    
Sovamag Mita 10 Tatra 138 4x4    
GAZ 69 A Tatra 148 VNM    
UAZ 469 Tatra 805 Trinec    
UAZ 469 Tatra 805    
UAZ 452 Topo Tatra 128    
UAZ 456      
UAZ 452 Burka      
UAZ 469 TAI      
UAZ 452 Sanita      
Tatra OA vz.30      
VW 82 Sahara      
GAZ 69      
Argo 8x8      
Lada 1200 combi TAI